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[Not only a case]

unbag is an innovative concept for bags with character. Based on selected materials, intelligent design and construction as well as traditional manufacture it creates precious carriers of different formats as loyal companions – contemporary and timeless in puristic design, seeming archaic because of classic design features and familiar color concepts, nevertheless cutting-edge and versatile in combination and variation. Quoting fashion tendencies regarding shades and silhouettes, unbag is an It-Bag and Lifestyle Item as well as a precious and traditionally manufactured Basic Accessory – a selected favorite as personal style base for individual creations.

unbag creates favorite pieces with character, willing to seamlessly fit in every ambiance selected by its user. They reveal personality.....and more than one face.

unbag some alter ego

[for] far reaching carriers

By its variety in combination, variation and transformation unbag affords self-dynamics as well as a soul stimulating interaction between carrier and bag. Recurrent intelligent details and the interaction between several components initiate a constant creative process, disposing the carrier to redefine his bag continuously. That way a basic commodity transforms into some precious and loyal companion without expiry date, for daily or occasional use. The creation is characterized by extraordinary tender Italian Nappa as well as high quality, durability and luxurious attitude of traditional manufacture.

Long-living products need to be variable in use, in this case supported by compatible colors and adjustable shoulder straps for different purpose. unbag develops character, it gains a certain patina because of continuous usage in different applications. Indicating the type of its use, a bag shows personality, creates a particular image without denying a life of its own…..although it’s the user himself who redefines its look again and again in several facets.

forever face side

[life and soul]

Premium products as loyal companions need to be adaptable in any case. Therefore the unbag design links four basic colors, each one representing a special mood. Regardless of format and silhouette, every bag is made out of two Nappa colors. Each one can be shown both monochrome and combined. A single hand grip allows the eversion of the bags corpus so that the precious carrier, now two-tone, reveals a sportive attitude. The precise sealing of cut selvedges as well as every decorative stitching on the one hand adapt to the leather color, on the other hand they evoke intended contrasts.

The bags corpus is made out of tender Italian Nappa, the same quality inside and outside. It shows pure surface of precious luster as well as moving silhouettes pervaded by dividing seams with contrastive stitching. Building the inner corpus, the leather gets slightly grounded, which causes a sensible Crush Effect and a more lively draping. Everting the corpus, it leads to a two-tone and sportive, luxurious Used Look as second face of every product. Even the leather shows character: the smooth and tender porous surface of the Italian Nappa is naturally grown, therefore every piece develops an individual, unique charm. All shaping and connecting details recur in equal number at equal places. That works similarly for the textile corpus, possessing two completely finished face sides, only to differ by variably colored Allover Prints.

No bag without carrier

[a particular bond]

Following the design concept of ]inbetweenar[, there exists a strong interrelation between the product and its user. unbag transfers this into the amorphous, seemingly undefined construction of its bag corpus. Combined with the natural behavior of tender Italian Nappa, the precious carrier’s silhouette, dimension and outer appearance depend on charge and arrangement by its user. According to the positioning of the shoulder strap, unbag huddles against the body in many ways. Different possibilities of fixation allow the strap’s draping and twisting at will. The ergonomic shapes of all components and the material-dependent affectionate nature bring about extraordinary wearing comfort, regardless of any kind of charge.

leathery pouch

[back to forage]

The design concept of unbag focuses on amorphous pouch construction as original, primary idea of a bag, effective for both leather and textile. Elaborate tie constructions allow its use combined with adjustable shoulder straps. Agility and behavior of the premium, affectionate Italian Nappa enable closure by simple foldover, depending on charging levels. One-sided fixation occurs by restoring loops in the selected carabiner position. Regarding the product life the unbag design consciously refuses zip fasteners. The same goes for bag interiors: because of two equally elaborate face sides in Nappa, temporarily internal straps, loops and carabiners can be used for placement of different accessories and mention telescopic umbrellas, the always missing bunch of keys and all-purpose pashminas easily draped around straps. A single hand grip allows the eversion of the bag’s corpus, revealing the interior features now used to place the shoulder strap.

A wise arrangement of the bag content allows a variable usage of the textile corpus, which complies dimension and making of the leather version. Linked via press fasteners the lining construction divides the bag interior. If the double capacity is needed, the corpus is demounted at the interior and quickly fixed, with or without content, on the outside of the leather bag. Combined with the leather strap construction two new possibilities ensue: the light version [for take away] in allover design, with color-graded and inverted patterns. The textile corpus offers the same capacity without a noteworthy weight compared to the leathery double, which adds value especially for traveling. By this means not only a trip to the beach becomes a pleasure, the way back home might suddenly end in a jovial shopping tour. According to this multitude of demands, the textile corpus is washable at any time.

innar’ out

[faceside - flipside]

Key attribute and form spending tool is the high quality carabiner with an archaic and original appearance due to its functional purpose. Details like this and the tender Italian Nappa used in exceptional construction determine the silhouette of unbag. All metal elements are equally high quality wrought, entirely qualified and clearly representing their function. Placement and function of every single element match faceside and flipside.

The brand’s only articulate identifying feature is a small logo imprint on the lateral strap. A closer look reveals the aries in a textile allover motive.