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ar = aries

[intern. abbr. „aries“]

Aries as the first zodiac sign in astrology is a small, but remarkable sign. Its brightest stars form a bended line describing an organic grown course. Only in case of close observation by telescope they reveal themselves as binary stars and divide into two components, each one out of particular luminance and color.

Aries gains its outer appearance, as his congeners do, by connecting stars as reference points of varied size and relevance. Therefore it symbolizes a design conception which assigns an adequate adversary to every single element…..whether in its linking, supporting or shaping roll.

As symbol of such superior interrelation between components and mediacies, ]inbetweenar[ develops a unisex mind for feature… grounding for character variety… stage for personality of every kind.

real aries


Essentially aries stands for permanent flow and restlessness, for spirited vision and emotional width. Beyond they communicate originality, veracity and first of all resolution. Thereby they go through character varieties, willing to redefine at any time.

]inbetweenar[ as a brand considers itself a platform for justifiable image. Not purposive but need-oriented, it creates products of self-evident meaning, satisfying quality, aesthetics as well as content demands in equal measure. Charm, esprit and a quite conscious smile merge fashion and lifestyle with function and purpose without seeming technical. That way ]inbetweenar[ provides space for emotion.

unbag some alter ego

[for] far reaching carriers

The base attitude of ]inbetweenar[ describes a phase of reorientation, reflecting spirit of the age and appropriate attitude to life. Ignoring age and sex, it is a sweeping state of mind:

feeling inbetween. Such undefined state of non-dimensional being yearns for diversification, specification and individualization… asks for strong identities to be defined.

]inbetweenar[ creates a nearly inseparable bond between a product and its user. Former an innovative, quality demanding and image-conscious article of daily use.....latter both fashion victim and self-reflecting consumer searching for value, sustainability, innovation and authenticity.

Caused by combination, variation and transformation ]inbetweenar[ products develop self-dynamics. But they also stimulate interaction, which supports the users’ growing emotional bond to his precious product and an interest in conserving its value. So every object, by daily or occasional use, becomes a loyal companion without expiry date…..provided by selected materials and extraordinary manufacturing techniques.